Come join NC CANSO!  We’ve got a lot to offer each other!

What do you get when you join NC CANSO?

  • A network of others who share your hopes
  • Updates about policy and service system changes that impact your life
  • Interaction through website commentary and forums
  • Empowering conferences and trainings 
  • Participation in state-level advocacy, consensus-building
  • Support of local self-help outreach and organizing
  • Great new friends!


NC CANSO is an organization for those who themselves have lived with a mental illness, addiction, developmental disability, a traumatic brain injury, or other conditions that impact on mood, cognition, or activity.  It is aimed at empowering individuals who want to achieve more in spite of a diagnosis.

Annual Dues

Annual membership dues are $15.00 per person. 

Some potential members may be homeless or have other serious financial challenges.  In these situations, NC CANSO will accept annual dues of $5.00

If you would like to help supplement costs so we can ensure membership of persons with limited resources, please click on the link for donations.  We thank you for your dedication to North Carolina citizens with potentially disabling conditions.


To Join NC CANSO, please send dues with your name, your email and regular mail addresses, and any information you wish to share about yourself to the following address:


2790 Birchwood Drive

Winston-Salem, NC 27103

(Other contact:  336-577-3743)