Peer Operated Support Collaborative

Do you want to know more about the impact of peer support centers?   Check out this radio report and full article (some text deleted for brevity in radio version).


What do we want for our citizens and peers in North Carolina who have lived with mental health or substance use challenges? We want the support and opportunity to heal and recover!   And what we are learning is that by sharing our stories, by standing together in hope, and by truly connecting with each other, we can promote recovery in a very natural way. This is especially important in communities that may not have service providers whose services are sufficiently focused or trained in understanding what helps us recover!  But it is also very important in the cases where there are really caring, truly recovery-oriented service providers.

The Peer Operated Support Collaborative is a venue for peer specialists across the state to support each other to step out and offer the welcoming recovery environments in their communities that can complement what else may be available to them and their peers.  This Collaborative will serve as a locus for great information and support:

  • What research is finding about peer operated support centers and respite/hospital diversion centers.
  • What is working in North Carolina and lessons learned as pioneers have begun independent, peer operated centers.
  • What resources are available nationally to promote the development of peer operated centers with great outcomes.
  • What state and local resources are potential partners for us as we endeavor to help  people recover and minimize the need for crisis services.

The Board of Directors of NC CANSO is composed of several peers who want to support a vibrant, growing peer movement evidenced by peer operated support centers across North Carolina!  Please check this sight for activities planned for the Collaborative, and if you would like to become part of this, contact us through our contact page!  Or contact Laurie Coker at


 (Recovery Centers, Drop-in Centers, etc.)

GreenTree Peer Center  in Winston-Salem                                        Beginning its fourth year, GreenTree is voluntarily operated by peers and offers a supportive environment with classes and groups aimed and promoting physical and emotional wellness.  Contact: Laurie Coker at 336-577-3743 or .  GreenTree began as a pilot of NC CANSO as it has continued its advocacy for local peer operated supports.  To learn more about us, check out our web site: or see our Face Book page at

Peer Recovery Center in Morehead City                                                         This center was developed with much local governmental and other collaboration.   Bev Stone and Ken Blackman, both on the Board of Directors of NC CANSO, were early pioneers in this effort, which is now going on its third year.  Ms. Stone (252-222-3888 and email is founding Executive Director of this center.   To learn more, see the Recovery Center FB Page!

Promise Resource Network in Charlotte                                                    Begun in 2006 as “Mecklenburg’s Promise” this innovative organization has been able to tap local county resources to pay peer specialists who offer many, many resources to local participants.  Please check its web site!  Also, see the article at this address:

To learn more, contact PRN founder Cherene Allen-Caraco at  704-776-6708 or Lyn Lygere or Ted Thomas at 704-390-7709.

Recovery Resource Center                                                                               Serves New Hanover and Brunswick Counties with an aim of  developing of a second center in Brunswick County.  Aims to open at the end of June. Contact:  Johnnie Puckett, President and Board Chair at 910-520-9896 , email OR Mary Ann Furniss, board member at 910-619-6265  or email OR Debra Kindervatter board members 910-465-0625 or email

The email for the Center is and phone number 910-769-7064.

Please let us know if you are aware of others in this state that we have not shared here.  We want to help build a strong and high quality network of peer operated supports across our state!

8 thoughts on “Peer Operated Support Collaborative

  1. Seeking basic information on how to go about starting a peer run crisis alternative/respite center.

    • Hi, Carla! I am so glad you are interested in peer centers! I will contact you soon so we can begin a dialogue! We need more of these in our communities especially since mental health care is changing so much. I wonder what community you are reaching out from (city or town)?

    • Hi, Carla.

      Please contact me at 336-577-3743 or email me at and I will be happy to send you some great reading on this model!

  2. Hi, Carla, if you like to read, On Our Own Together (I got mine on Amazon) and the helped us. Explore the NCCANSO website as well as the Promise Resource Network’s website and NC Health News online. Our Recovery Resource Center, Inc., like most, is a work in progress, but it can be done! I wish you the best of luck.

  3. The Recovery Resource Center, Inc. serving New Hanover and Brunswick counties is up and running.

  4. Skip Promise Resource Center Network stuff and go to RI Wellness City website. It is better and international.

  5. Definitely educate your Peers about Mary Ellen Copeland’s Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAPS). Copeland has her own website and valuable materials can be found at SAMSHA, Educate but do not promote 12 Step Programs. The 12 Steps are strictly for attraction not promotion. Try to learn as much about Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) as you can. A good website for ACT is Google Acceptance Commitment Therapy (Act) as well as go Amazon, to your local libraries and bookstores and find out as much as you can about it.

  6. It is Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) not “WRAPS”.

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