Mission, Vision, Values


The Board of Directors of NC CANSO is pleased to share with you its mission, vision, values, and bylaws. The really cool thing about this is that in spite of limited resources, board members participated either on line or in person with creating the message! We are eager to share it, as we think that NOW is the time for consumers/self-advocates to articulate their character and empower their roles in their communities and in advocacy!

The mission of NC CANSO is to develop a culturally diverse, statewide organization of self-advocates and/or consumers. NC CANSO will help empower people to direct their own lives according to their hopes and dreams.

All we want are lives well lived!

NC CANSO values . . .

The full human rights and self-determination of every individual, regardless of their mental state, disability, or diagnosis;

The personal worth and dignity of each individual;

Transparent, inclusive Process as a defining characteristic of our organization;

A person’s right to his own process of personal growth and natural supports;

Personal wholeness, health, and self-direction in each person’s life;

The role of peers in comforting, supporting, and challenging each other toward our goals and in diverting personal crises;

Individual and group leadership development enabling persons to participate more effectively in their communities; and

The participation of individuals in their communities as full citizens according to their own objectives. We value inclusion as persons in all aspects of family and community life.