We won’t have a citizen-worthy system unless citizen stakeholders–including those who have histories with these mental health, substance use, and developmental challenges, are engaged and included 
in ensuring that dollars are buying quality for the people served!


Legislative Alert!
Call on the NC Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services’ newly established 
SUBCOMMITTEE ON BEHAVIORAL HEALTH/DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES  was to have convened in the weeks ahead of the opening of this spring session (March 2).
  1. One of the VERY important aims of this subcommittee is to address the development of a comprehensive plan that would include outcome based measures, clear definitions of the roles and responsibilities of DMA, DMH, and the LME/MCOs.
  2. It would also address how to ensure that our public service systems become TRULY informed by community stakeholders, including CONSUMERS and FAMILY MEMBERS!  
  3. Further, this committee could be the legislative forum that introduces lasting recovery-promoting policies in North Carolina’s public mental health and substance use services system!
Without our voices, North Carolina will have industrialized mental health care that reflects productivity, but NOT VALUE!  Help ensure that our dollars are purchasing life-improving outcomes through better informed systems at every level!
Please help now!  Time is essential!
Email or call these Committee Members and interested others.  Tell them that you are concerned about the future of mental health services and the futures of their recipients, and ask them to CONSIDER OUR ADVOCACY EVEN NOW AND BEGIN SUBCOMMITTEE MEETINGS AS SOON AS THE SESSION IS OVER!  
BOTTOM  LINE:  We NEED their efforts!  CALL OR EMAIL Committee members and chairs:
From the Senate:
Tamara.Barringer@ncleg.net                       919-733-5653
Louis.Pate@ncleg.net                                     919-733-5621
Tommy.Tucker@ncleg.net                            919-733-7659
From the House:
Josh.Dobson@ncleg.net                                 919-733-5862
Nelson.Dollar@ncleg.net                               919-715-0795
Donnie.Lambeth@ncleg.net                          919-733-5862
Chris.Malone@ncleg.net                                 919-715-3010
Thank you for your
very important advocacy!

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