DOJ Frustrated About Slow Progress Supporting Transitions out of Assisted Living Facilities

The article below linked was published in Raleigh yesterday, January 19.  This is at least the second time the federal government has expressed concern about our insufficient effort re: the initiative.  For mental health consumers, this is a social justice and civil rights issue.  People in area homes have been placed here from all over the state while the legislature let us develop one of the largest “assisted living” industries in the country.    It takes guts to live in these and more guts to leave after one has become accustomed to custodial care.  

From the Raleigh News And Observer:

Federal government says NC is shirking its agreement to help mentally ill people with housing and jobs

“The state agreed in August 2012 to provide housing for 3,000 mentally ill people by 2020, and supported employment for 2,500 by 2019. The state entered into the legal agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to avoid getting sued for violations of federal laws that require states to provide services to disabled people in the least restrictive settings. A federal investigation found that the state was segregating people with serious mental illnesses in adult care homes when they were capable of living independently with mental health services and help finding and keeping jobs.

“The federal Justice Department filed the motion on Jan. 9 in U.S. District Court, asking the court to enforce the agreement.”