The Threat Still Looms!

Friends and advocates:
The future of not only mental health care, but of how society regards persons with mental illness, is threatened if H3717 is passed at the national level!  We are urged to advocate hard now before the legislature convenes after its recess!
Please help us advocate to our state legislators about the concerns re: the Murphy Bill!
Well-known activist Martha Brock has remained focused on this issue in order to inform advocates in our state.  She is participating in various national level forums and shares information with us so we can be advocating together (thanks, Martha!)
Here are some fresh writings from Martha and one of the country’s leading rights advocates for  people with mental health challenges.  Martha also includes contact information so folks can reach out to their legislators on this issue.
Please note that I do not necessarily endorse the referencing of a national advocacy organization in the Risser article, but he raises the issue that there are advocates who come from very different places on the actions this bill promotes. These differences arise from attitudes toward or against self-determination and the right to personal agency of people with mental health concerns.  
If you support recovery, if you support rights, PLEASE HELP US ADVOCATE!

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