Suicide Prevention for All: Making the World a Safer Place to Be Human

Having lost my own son to suicide, I still think it is so easy to misunderstand the “why” and to want to have some answer, to pin the blame on something. As Leah suggests below, perhaps we are not asking the right questions. Maybe we should be asking, “How can we ensure that the people in our lives feel truly welcomed in this world?” and “How can we help each other since, amid the range of human emotion, probably the majority of us ask at one time or another, “Why NOT suicide?” and “What are the best ways we can help people to stay . . . stay even though it is so very dark and we can feel so overwhelmed and confused that we see no light and don’t know if the tunnel ends.” As Monica Cassani has reminded us in her blog, Beyond Meds (see referenced below) life is not so simple and people so self-sufficient that we can simply have religious or moral discussions about suicide. Instead, we have to love, to pray for, to hang tough with friends who are hurting so much, and keep lighting the candle and placing it in front of them.

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