Eight Minutes

Contributed by Marianne Clayter

What can you do in eight minutes?  I can shower in less than eight minutes.  I can walk to the bus station in about eight minutes.  I can cook an egg in less than eight minutes.  How about you?

A couple of months ago eight minutes changed for me.  The agency I receive my treatment from and my doctor changed the way I see my doctor.  Eight minutes became very valuable for me.  And it’s all because of money and policies.

A couple of months ago I was informed I could no longer spend 15 to 30 minutes with my doctor.  Now I would only have eight minutes!

Now a staff member takes me to an empty room and asks me questions from a paper.  The questions are about smoking, drinking, sleeping.  And what I want to talk with the doctor about.  The staff member also writes my prescriptions for the doctor to sign while I see him.

Now I must narrow what I talk with the doctor about, be really focused.  The eight minutes seem to be over before they start.  I haven’t been able to get through my lists all the way yet except for last week.

All I can do is schedule appointments with the doctor more often if I don’t go over everything with him.  This costs me more with my co-pay and Medicaid more.

I am seriously considering finding another agency for my treatment.  Fifteen minutes would be better than eight!

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