Doctor, It Isn’t That Funny!

Contributed by Marianne Clayter

Last week I met with my psychiatrist.  He seemed to have a little more time than usual for the last couple of months.  He stated he had been talking with my therapist.  They were asking each other how they thought I am doing.  The doctor stated they both thought I was a little better.  He asked me why I thought this was.  I suggested the skills sheet I fill out every night keeps me focused on using the skills.

He then went on to say they thought recently that I was going to jump off a bridge!  He said this jokingly.  However I feel it was not appropriate.

I became angry but said nothing.  Lately I’ve not been too assertive, more passive, when I’ve met with doctors.  I see my therapist this week so will bring up this incident with him.

My anger took a twist.  I thought, “I’ll show you.  I’ll go jump off a bridge!”  Of course, I am not going to do this.

I am disappointed with my doctor.  I have an appointment with him in a month.  I may see if I can get an appointment sooner.  Even if he was joking it was not appropriate.

Editor’s note:   Indeed, it may take our assertions toward clinical and other provider folks to help re-define these relationships so that power and respect are more equally shared.

One thought on “Doctor, It Isn’t That Funny!

  1. laurie coker great to have found you again . am enjoying reading your material. worked with you on cfac at centerpoint years ago. still interrested in the plight of the consumers also. keep up the good work.

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