Bridging the Gap–No, Really!

The use of trained peers and peer-run agencies has reduced costs to lives by offering alternative ways to help people through tough times.  A similar program was once piloted at Dix Hospital, but no continual funding stream was developed to sustain it.  Now, peers are helping people beyond transitioning out of the hospital. 

The link below will take you to an  inspiring personal account of how peer ‘Bridging Beyond the Gap’ has been implemented by Baltic Street AEH, a prominent NYC peer run agency.   While this has developed in the state of New York, such can happen here, too!  This past year, the New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, largely a consumer association, has worked to establish a peer bridger service working with Medicaid beneficiaries in New York City and Long Island.  Those interested can see for more details.

The article is found on page 18 of the newsletter from the United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.

The link to the publication follows:

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